How to make Delicious Uzbek Manti (3 shapes) | манты рецепт (субтитры)

This video recipe: "How to make delicious Uzbek manti" will show you how to easily make your own mantis at home! The video will also show you how to make three different shapes of manti to make them more interesting. Even Genghis Khan would love to eat them :) You Can Easily and Safely Buy Steel Steamer Here: For the ingredients: 1kg of beef/lamb 200 g beef/lamb fat 7-8 onions 1 table spoon of black pepper 2 table spoons of salt 1 tea spoon of zeera 1 egg 3 cups of clean water 5-6 cups of flour 1 tomato (for the topping). Procedure: 1. Mince the onions, meat and animal fat into very tiny pieces and mix them well (by squeezing) with black pepper, salt and zeera. 2. Mix 1 egg, water, salt and flour to make the dough. 3. Store the dough for 20-30 minutes and then roll them into 2mm thick sheets as shown in the video. 4. Make the shapes in any way you want, three shapes are shown in the video please watch it. 5. Steam the mantis in pre-boiled steamer for 45 minutes. 6. While the mantis cooking, prepare the topping by frying 1 onion and 1 tomato by first slicing them well. 7. Once the mantis are ready, put the toppings on top and enjoy with your loved ones! Thanks for watching! :) Subscribe! Наслаждайтесь! Подписиваытесь на наш канал! Новые рецепты по выходним! Our Affiliate Amazon Store: Subscribe to our channel, we will upload a new recipe every Saturdays!
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